Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Atlanta

In Atlanta, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you recover from your debt without having to liquidate your assets. Whether you are a struggling small business or an individual who has mismanaged their personal funds, there is a way out that doesn’t hurt your chances at holding on to some of your most important financial investments. The Law Offices of Dwight Bowen are here to help you reorganize your debt and prepare for a more stable financial future.

Bankruptcy in Atlanta

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a solution to financial hardship where the federal government helps you to arrange for a repayment of your debt over a 3 to 5 year period under a more affordable interest rate. The benefit of this filing status is that you are able to maintain ownership of your most valuable property including your home, your vehicles, and other valuables. This is an alternative to those considering Chapter 7. Our bankruptcy attorneys can:

  • Help you file your bankruptcy petition and related legal paperwork
  • Represent you at your 341 creditors meeting
  • Resolve disputes with your creditors
  • Create a payment plan that is within your economic means
  • Provide you with support as you get your finances back on track

We offer free consultations to see if you qualify. For more information in Atlanta, Chapter 13 bankruptcy specialists from The Law Offices of Dwight Bowen are ready to assist you. We offer flat rate fees with no hidden costs.